Meet the Pals

MuniciPals is a podcast hosted somewhere in the ether between New York and Washington, DC. Every month David, Dylan, and Brit pick a couple of topics to delve into, before getting on to the much more important work of writing the EP-collaboration Richard Florida should have years ago.

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Dylan Welch

Originally from the Boston metro area, Dylan pursued a degree in International Relations with a minor in Mandarin Chinese at New York University. He's campaigned for Elizabeth Warren, worked at the Roosevelt Institute as a student organizer, and until recently supported digital learning at UNICEF in New York City.

Though his life has primarily bounced between Boston, New York & Washington, D.C., his perspective on urban development challenges also draws on extensive travel throughout China, as well as personal ties to & fascination with Rust Belt cities in the United States. He's preoccupied with urban climate change resiliency, transportation policy, democratizing urban governance, and learning about post-industrial economic development strategies.

Currently, Dylan lives in Wuhan, China where he is breathing that sweet, sweet smog. He's working as an English teacher at Wuhan University of Technology through the Princeton in Asia fellowship. His past-times include reading about politics, economics & history, writing music, and making really bad dad jokes. He also philosophizes and reflects about current events and public policy in his blog The Brood.

He can be reached at or, less reliably, on Twitter (@Dylan_J_Welch).

Brit Byrd

Brit is a New York City bureaucrat. He has a degree in Political Science with a minor in Spanish from Columbia University.

He grew up in Houston, where he developed an ulcerous spite for parking lots and sprawl. In college he channeled this animus into a white paper about induced demand, de facto congestion pricing, and funding Participatory Budgeting through regulating public parking stock.

Brit lives in Brooklyn, where he is active in the Central Brooklyn Branch of the Democratic Socialists of America, Participatory Budgeting, and arguing that the G train could probably beat up whatever your train is. He also hosts a soccer podcast about the New York Red Bulls, called View from 202

He can be reached at or on twitter at @britbyrd1.

David Meni

David is MuniciPals' resident DC townie. He went to George Washington University for Political Science/Public Policy and is now finishing his Master of Public Policy degree there with a focus in Urban Policy and Social Programs. 

David grew up in Forest Hills, Queens and West Windsor, New Jersey, but his passion for urban issues and hyperlocal politics blossomed in DC. He is currently a member of the editorial board for Greater Greater Washington (a smart growth/housing/transit blog) and a writer for 730DC (a daily newsletter for local issues/events/snarky commentary). He gets excited talking about affordable housing, racial equity in local policy, creating gender-inclusive cities, cultural planning, complete streets, and more. You've been warned.

David lives in DC's Park View neighborhood, where you can often find him hanging out on his porch, going to punk shows in strangers' basements, being an accessory member of a bluegrass band, or cursing at uber drivers from his bicycle. 

Hit him up on Twitter (@thedavidmeni) but don't try and find him on Instagram.